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Online Loan Application for Personal LOAN: Part - A (Mandatory)
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Online Loan Application for Personal LOAN: Part - B (Mandatory)
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Online Loan Application for Personal LOAN: Part - C (Optional)
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Additional information of the applicant
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Applicant Statement of Assets and Liabilities, if any
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Outstanding Loans/Advances Amount Immovable properties Amount
Bank Land
Employer Building
Provident Fund Moveable properties
Relatives and friends Cash
Others Deposits with Bank
Investment in govt. securities
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Current Status of Residence.
Is the house mortgaged:: Yes No
Value of House    :Cost/Market Value Amount   
Years at current residence
Period of stay at present posting
Collateral security provided Yes No
Type of collateral Value of collateral(in Rs.)
NSC/LIC Policy/Gov. securities
Vehicles owned
Make and Model of vehicle Vehicle Number
Two Wheeler
Four Wheeler
Additional Information (in case of army officers)
IC no.
Identity Card/Pay Book No.
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Name Of Unit
Employer information and annual income details.
Employed at
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Other loans Yes No
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Present Outstanding (Rs)
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Monthly Repayment (Rs)
Spouse Information
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Occupation/Profession Office Address      
Total annual Income   :Gross    Net   :   
Is she /he furnishing guarantee YesNo
Two references Details
Name Name
Residential Address Residential Address
Landline No Landline No
Mobile No. Mobile No.
Declaration :
The information given in the loan application is true and nothing has been concealed. The undersigned undertakes to inform the Bank any change in residence/ office address and to provide any further information that the Bank may require. The undersigned is aware of the charges/ fee to be levied by the Bank and agrees to pay upfront fee, documentation charges, etc. as applicable and charged by the Bank. The undersigned hereby agree to be bound by these terms and conditions or by the revised additional terms and conditions which may at any time hereafter be made while the loan obtained by me/us is still outstanding. Applicant authorises the bank to contact through mobile/SMS/email for the purpose of above Loan Application. Bank reserves the right to call for any other information/documents, if necessary, and/or reject the proposal without assigning any reason thereof
Online Loan Application for Personal LOAN: Final Submit (Mandatory)
Online Loan Application for Personal LOAN: Final Submit (Mandatory)
Application No.
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